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BTCPay Server at the Brisbane Bitcoin Meetup

The setup and operation of a BTCPay Server was the subject of a presentation at the recent Bitcoin Brisbane Meetup. A masters student, studying mathematics at the University of Queensland, and known pseudonomously as Winston LFG Galt, described the installation of BTCPay Server on a Raspberry Pi and its configuration to accept bitcoin payments on the lightning network. Participants at the meetup paid for pizza and beef skewers that were served that evening this way. Ensuing conversation focused on mechanisms for improving the user experience for merchants and customers in using bitcoin for payments.

Bitcoin Brisbane Meetups are held on the first Thursday evening of every month and are a great time to discuss bitcoin. Some attendees have been enthusiasts for years and others are just starting “down the rabbit hole”.

The Bitcoin Moon Fund (the same charitable organization that supports this publication) also sponsors an instance of BTCPay Server to help businesses and charities accept bitcoin payments and donations. More info is available here.

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